Green Millionair won't give me my money back!

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Green millionair advertised a free "How-To" book for only $1.95 S&H, There is nothing noted on their web page about being hit with another charge of $39.95 after 14 days IF I don't call them and cancel the subscription to their magazine. My computer and internet experiance is minimal, and confusing at times. I never seen the little words at the very bottom of their page, 'terms and conditions' and so I was unaware of their terms and conditions, so emagine my shock when I found the new charge against my bank account.

I called and when I laid out my delema, the operator got snooty and refered me to the T&C tab at the bottom of the page. I told him I didn't want their rag, and to cancel my account, which they promptly did, and hung up on me.

There are millions of us old folks trying our hand at this computer/internet thing, and don't have all the savy to deal properly with all the underhanded tactics used by businesses on the net to slip one over on us.

There ought to be some kind of notation on the same web page that that the offer is published on instead of hiding it.

So I hope you will understand where I'm coming from when I say; "Mr. Nigel

I love the book, but I hope you choke on every penny of the $39.95 that you beat me out of.

Review about: Book.



If you only lost $30 / $40 consider yourself lucky; they took $89 from me. When i threatened to contact the state Consumer

Protection Agency, the Justice Department, and my federal Senators and Representative they gave me half back. Promised the supervisor would call me back to discuss it, never happened so i will submit the complaints as promised.


I also tried to order the booklet from Green Millionaire for the $1.95 shipping and handling fee.Their web site stated that I would be charged $29.00 monthly after the first 30 days that were supposed to be free of this charge.

Well they charged my checking account the full $29.00 the same day I tried to order my booklet. I even backed out of the ordering process by not hitting the (Place my Order) key on their last page that was supposed to confirm my order. But because they already had my banking information for the $1.95 shipping fee on the previous pages they went ahead with the order anyway. It was not until the very last page of their ordering process that they informed someone there was a $29.00 monthly fee for their service.

Now I will have to go through the process of putting in a claim with my bank to reverse the amount they billed, and took from my account. The infomercial clearly states that the book is only $1.95 with no additional charges. And that the book is free for a limited period of time. This company has misrepresented their product and billing practices on television and on their web site.

Things like this are really time consuming to get fixed and reversed. And after seeing multiple other dissatisfied customers on line, I am convinced that this company is nothing more than a scam to rip the public off.

You see if a company bills someone less than $50.00 it is not considered a large enough theft for the FBI's fraud department to pursue.And it winds up costing the customer to much time and effort to try and recover their loss.

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